More About Me


Born and raised on the east coast of Florida, I fell in love with the ocean, beaches, marine life, and also the beautiful homes that would encompass the shoreline. I knew I had a passion for marine life, so I pursued my career as an animal trainer and later became an Aquarist. My passion for animals only grew stronger as I dove with them daily and got to fully appreciate their worth. However, as I settled into adulthood, I realized the appreciation I had for beautiful homes and what in fact they can represent, was at its forefront. I wanted more and to share my joy as a homeowner with others. Thus, I became a Realtor. 

Finding the right Realtor for you is important, as they need to understand your wants, needs, fears, and dreams. A Realtor is more than just an agent to show properties; they must be knowledgeable about the desired areas and have the tools and resources to have a successful transaction. With Coldwell Banker, I have the support and training needed to become the best Realtor for you. 

Contact me today for more information, and let's go have some fun while we find your perfect home!